November 21, 2014


over the past year, i have slowly grown my apothecary collection to match my needs. growing up, i always said that my lack of knowledge in the makeup/hair/skin department was because i never had an older sister (i still use that as an excuse when it comes to my hair because i am terribleeee at it.)  i always thought all my friends with older sisters were always five steps ahead of me because they learned by doing. i on the other hand, was incredibly awkward and thought that applying heavy gothic penciled eyeliner to the bottoms of my eyelids was the only way to go.

i am in my mid 20s now and i'm learning how important it is to take care of our bodies from the insides out. i have learned that the less ingredients any product has, the better. i try to apply that to how i feed my family, too (though, sometimes it's hard).

my makeup routine is incredibly simple and rarely changes from day to day. a bit of foundation under my eyes, mineral powder, mascara and a lip stain or matte pencil. i wish i was experimental but i'm truly not. i am a deep creature of habit and end up rubbing anything off that feels too heavy (which is why i don't wear lipgloss, ever) and always end up sticking to what i know. and when it comes to my skin and hair routine, i think that like most women, it's a work in progress.

my hair is usually duhl and dry (thanks postpartum!) and i haven't owned a blow dryer in like a year. but, i've found that adding some moroccan oil at night and after i shower has added a lot of shine and silk to my very bleh hair. i've also massaged coconut oil into my strands and then into a braid at night. i've also started taking gummy vitamins dedicated for hair, skin and nails.

for my skin, i always wash with cetaphil and have now completely fallen for my sweet friend lauren's new line, moonrise creek. i cannot even begin to explain how incredible her products are and how much my skin loves them. i spray the rose astringent when i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and absolutely love her oils and moisturizer. i make sure to rub it into my pores and down my neck. the fact that she makes all these products by hand with a little one at her feet and one on the way just astounds me. (you can find her on instagram @moonrisecreek)

i also really love using my essential oil drops for pregnancy. just a few drops into sparkling water works wonders on my soul.

i would love to know what are your favorite natural products that you use on your beautiful bodies. i always find it so fascinating to see how other women love their body.

from left to right:

favorite lotion (from world market) 
oil drops (from whole foods)



  1. love this post, kerrie! i, too, never had an older sister and there are photos from me when i was 15 and i was wearing way too much of everything. to boot, i used to cut my own hair into this awkward pixie do ... OH MY. now that i am almost thirty, sigh of relief, i only wear concealer under my eyes and smith's minted rose lip balm. as for my hair, well i am still clueless and usually just wash it at night, rub coconut oil on the ends and go to sleep. if i owned a hair dryer, would i even have time to use it? ha ha. oh, sweet and wonderful motherhood. well, you are beautiful inside and out. could truly pass for a goddess. xoxox.

  2. After this comment Im going to head over to see what she has =)
    I dont have a whole lot of time to spend on myself with 4 babes, but there are a few things out there that I truly love. For makeup, I use bareminerals, for face care I use Kiehls Calendula face wash and toner, for hair I use Biosilk, for body I use homemade brown sugar and almond paste and follow with Organic almond oil. Mind you though, I only wash my hair about twice a week, it usually goes up into a ponytail and my hair does better not freshly clean haha! It is very important to take care of ourselves and our family. Now off to see what your friend makes.....xoxox ~Ashley

  3. Lovely photos Kerrie! I agree about using products that have less of those harmful ingredients. My sister (who lives in Costa Rica) makes handmade all natural products and she told me that she never puts something that is not safe to go inside the body as well. We are three sisters and i believe we inherited my moms super nice complexion. She had never in her life put any type of foundation or any other make up. She mostly washes her face with chamomile tea, and only uses calendula cream. At 66 she barely has any wrinkles. I personally don't like heavy make up either. I use a bit of concealer under my eyes (i'm a night owl, and those dark circles aren't pretty), a bit of mascara, some blush and that's is. For washing i use aveeno, and for moisturizing organic virgin coconut oil. I also read somewhere that coconut oil combined with baking soda makes a great facial scrub.
    Great post, and i already added your friend's shop in my Favorites. Much love, Kerrie! ~Lavi

  4. hi darling . the only thing i use for hair and body and face. extra virgin coconut oil. is the best. i have an obsession with essential oils and pure perfume oils and all kind of oils. hahaha. i am always mixing and concocting. i love soaps and bath salth and bubbles the natural ones. love hair conditioner. i won't be needing that anymore for a long time, i cut my hair very short today, no more tangles (i already regret it) as for make up ... never wear anything for the last 10 years living in mexico, beach life, you don't need all that. i use to never leave the house without lipstick (always deep red) though i rarely use anything i like to buy lipstick or nail polish, mascara and all the girly things. mostly just to carry them around in my purse or to look and sniff at . and You Kerrie, you are so beautiful ! a natural beauty, you really do not need anything ����❤️