hello dear friends! gosh, i have been wanting to recreate a space for the soft-hearts of the world for so long now and i can't believe i finally got my act together and did it. it feels so good to have a landing space where we can gather and feel a little less alone. a place for prose and poetry, photos and encouragement, a place for recipes and projects you can do with your own two hands, right at home. a place where you are always welcomed.

my name is kerrie moon and i am the heart behind Bonjourmoon. i am a mother of two beautiful beings, augustus george (7) and fiorella primrose (4) and we are expecting our third child, our second moon girl, this september. i am married to my mr. moon and the very love of my life. he is a pianist and deep into the music industry, so our house is a musical place, to say the least. we met on a rainy night in november after staring at each other for what felt like an entire evening, but that's a whole story, for another time.  a story i'll write soon. i've owned a very humble little hobby shop for over six years now, where i get to treasure-hunt poetic garments for women across the world. it is a place where i can daydream in fiber and imagine beautiful, untold stories. it is one of my greatest joys and a sweet part of my life. you can find that shop here.

we live our days very closely together in a hundred-year-old farmhouse which we are slowly making our own. every day there is hot coffee and home-cooked meals and piano keys and words written and re-written and scattered dolls and puzzles and broken crayons on the floor and the moving of flowers from room to room or wherever we need them the most. every day there is a lot of embracing, a lot of holding and a lot, a lot of love.

i hope you feel welcomed here and i hope we can get to know each other in ways we can't possibly know just yet.

if you are reading this, know that you are so important and beautiful in so many ways.

this is for them. this is for you. this is for us.

all my very love,
kerrie moon

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  1. oh how your words, images, and spirit speak to this soft-heart! you speak in soul words, and i feel windswept and nourished and inspired by this little window into your world. thank you! with love, Ashley