November 25, 2014


when my husband runs into the grocery store for a few things while i wait in the car with gus, he usually comes back with a little treat for me, usually lollipops.

today, our augustus george is nineteen months and about as beautiful and curious and hilarious and demanding and cuddly as ever. while we were taking a shower together, papa played "somewhere only we know" by keane on the piano and it was really beautiful. after we cleaned up, i found him in my lipsticks and on our way home from the post office, we played in overgrown ivy that cascaded down from our neighbors house and laughed at a youtube video of dogs making funny sounds.

his cheeks get so red when he sleeps, they look like rubbery bubble gum and i will never get enough. the way he fits into my body as we sleep is how i know i'm truly alive.

tomorrow we will begin making our thanksgiving pies together while we weave through our maze of boxes for our big move next week. papa said he will play christmas music for us and it will be wonderful.

they are my sweet november
                                            (all my novembers, decembers, etc.)


  1. How beautiful. How exciting to be starting fresh in your new home. Blessings to you.

  2. just when i thought i couldn't love you anymore, you cue Vashti Bunyan. many of my days have been spent lying in bed listening to her sweet voice and words. i often sing "just another diamond day" when i rock wolfgang. love you, girl and every one of your blog posts. xo. and happy nineteen months, Augustus! you sure are sweet!

  3. Love the light and bright feel of these photos and what a sweet little day you had. Lovely read.