November 17, 2014


this weekend as i was out thrifting with my mom, i came across some wooden utensils that struck me as incredibly beautiful. however, they were splintered and faded and needed just a slight makeover to be even more beautiful. the best part is that they were about ten cents total and they will provide a lifetime of happiness i am certain. 

with christmas fast approaching, i thought these would make beautiful gifts wrapped simply in twine with a sweet note attached. they require such little effort and i am certain all these ingredients are just lying around your house. i am not an avid crafter, but i do love making simple things from my own hands that are purposeful and beautiful. 

if you are not planning on using these to prepare food and just for decoration, wood stain of any type is just fine. if you do want to serve food with them, use wood stain that is food safe.


old wooden utencils
food-safe wood stain
old rag
sanding paper
wood wax


simply wash your wooden utensils and make sure they are completely dry before sanding.  with your sanding paper, go around all edges and curves making sure you get any splinter or shine out. wipe off any excess dust and then simply stain your wood using an old rag. be sure not to rush this so you don't have unwanted streaks or missed spots. put on a coat, then wipe off and let dry. repeat this until your desired color.

let sit out and dry for a while (i waited half a day) and then apply your wax on top.

let me know if you have any questions and if you do this little project. i would so love to see!



  1. such a great idea! your ideas are loveliest. xo.

  2. A wonderful idea. I'm going to try this myself.

  3. Oh I will definitely be trying this!! Thanks for the post! x

    Brittney Hellaina

  4. Love this idea! They would even look lovely hanging on a wall in the kitchen! :)