February 1, 2016


it seems rather silly to make a tutorial on something as simple as this, but it's kind of life changing for me, so maybe it will be for you, too.

we had a forever blank wall in our dining room and since i change my mind on most things and rearrange on what seems like the hour, i thought how beautiful it would be to have a place to display some natural beauty in the form of my beloved flowers. so i got to thinking and knew this was the best possible answer. blooms + blank white wall + coffee in hand + morning light. it's everything basically.

i can't wait to see how this space changes week by week. it's such a personal and soulful challenge to try my hand at creating a different bouquet each week and i can't wait to see how much i grow in the process. i think you can express yourself in so many ways and working with petals is one of mine. i've always called working with flowers florapy (flowers + therapy) and it feels really good to find myself in them again.

anyways. here's a little description of how i did it and how you can do it too.


mason jar
sturdy string


simply cut four equal pieces of string. fit the string around the mouth of the mason jar and then tie a knot on each side. it may look like string ears on each side. this is good. keep going. bring each side of the excess string (two on each side, four total) together near the top after you decided on the length. you can tie it into a knot or a bow. i'm not much of bow type of gal, so i did a simple knot. ;)

next, add your water and flowers, and smile each time you walk past it like i do. it has made the first day of february quite beautiful indeed.


  1. Beautiful and simple. How lovely!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Florapy is the perfect descriptive word! - I recently posted over on my blog about my own love of flowers. This is such a lovely and simple idea! I may try this soon as I am running out of surface space to sit my blooms on! Thank you for the inspiration!

    PS. Your little ones are absolutely adorable, as I am sure you agree! xxx

  3. That was amazing. I've been reading your blogs and I must say that you have a great sense of humour. Loved the pictures of those pies. They made your blog so lively.