February 4, 2016


mid afternoon cat naps

mint green sink baths + pink roses

sound asleep after nursing, always

following daddy on a sunday morning walk to the farmer's market 

sink baths + filling the vase for our roses

she smiles so much it physically hurts me 

(we received a dock-a-tot for gus, for which he's become obsessed with, and we call it his "cozy pod" - aka, the cutest thing in the entire world. "hey mommy, can i watch curious george in gussy's cozy pod?")

haircuts, bananas + pajamas + cozy pod

checking her diaper at the park while our boys play

winnie + stringing a dried rose garland

 sunday afternoon loot

getting through laundry with the help of a sparrow mobile and the softest blanket
friday evening date night. i ordered rose champagne and steve ordered cabarnet. he gave me a long kiss across the table.

 holding my three month old primrose

red jumper + hand knit bonnet from my dear friends

eating bananas in bed, what else

eating his fair share in tutti-fruti jelly beans (we had to buy $5 worth of the same jelly bean because he poured the entire container into his bag :| )

the said $5 bag of jelly beans. and like my least favorite flavor, too. 

feb 3, 2016. evening cuddle with daddy

waiting on steve to get home for his birthday + his random sock on the table ?

the morning of his birthday. gus was throwing a fit and ripped all the petals at my bedside. two year olds, man.

my beautiful man wearing our beautiful girl.

still my baby, always and forever.

sunday afternoon on a day that felt like spring. steve went in looking for records while i wrote with rocks on cement that gus gathered into a pile for me. did you know rocks turn to chalk on cement?

birthday cake + things on the table

we snuck out for two hours on his birthday to have some time together and enjoy a sushi meal, his favorite. here he is opening up his birthday gifts, fireside. a brian eno + peter gabriel record, a horowitz cd and secrets. he is the most grateful man on earth, my steve.

steve's birthday cake. light pink frosting, decorated with thyme. 


it was steve's birthday this week and it was so much fun getting to celebrate him. he brings my heart and life so much utter joy and happiness that it's hard to find presents or think of ways to celebrate him. nothing ever seems enough, really. but i did manage to string a garland made of dried pink spray roses and hang it above our bed upon his waking. i tried to turn it into a heart but i had a baby who was refusing to be put down so i just looped it naturally onto the wall. i made him a list of all the things i love about him that coincided with his age and getting to stare at him while i read it felt so damn good. i also managed to get my parents to watch our babies on a week night so we could slip away for a few hours together. we had drinks fireside and then sushi after before i got the text from my mama that fiorella just needed her mama. 

we drove home together, really, really, really happy. it brings my heart so much light to show the man i'm deeply in love with just how much i love him. and to show it, every day. we also talked about how we need a date at least twice a month. 

gus is eating his leftover chocolate cake by the window this morning and humming to himself. there is chocolate frosting above his ears and he's put down his fork and is now shoveling it into his mouth with his hands. fi is in my arms nursing and the yellow candle's wax we lit last night needs to be scraped from our table. my coffee is finished and we are heading to the snow tomorrow.

steve just walked in to check on us before he leaves for work today. he kissed fi's forehead, then mine, and is dishing out more cake for gus.

"gus, this is your last piece," i hear him say.

"okay, daddy," he says and runs off to his little white big boy table in last night's pajamas that are now covered in chocolate and paint.


  1. Awww, precious and tender and beautiful! How much I adore your photos and daily snippets. I can relate to your words about celebrating a spouse...I feel the same way about my husband!

  2. oh my word, so much beauty here. so many good things. a while back i watched the videos you made of you and steve and i love that i saw those because now i feel like i can see your relationship. what it is like candidly. so much livable poetry there. anyway, gussie's hair is omg and your baby girl has so much light in those eyes of hers. ya done good, kerrie moon. real good.

  3. Beautiful post full of eye candy! I showed my mom your blog and a few of the things you said about your husband and she said "They are very special people to have love like that and to have found each other." Your relationship is inspiring to me to be a bit more grateful and tender to the man I chose to marry and be with for over 16 years. We still haven't had a date but are in desperate need of one soon. Loooove your aesthetic. Your little flower is darling as is Gus and his little pod. I am jealous of the records you got for your husband as I'm a big fan of Peter Gabriel and HOROWITZ! I used to listen to a Horowitz tape as a young girl over and over again dreaming of playing a concert piano. Wishing you all the best! XOX Anne

  4. You have beautiful children and a gorgeous home!! Love the post

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