April 17, 2015


these past three months have been concentrated in abundance and beauty and more blessings than i'm warranted. we have hoped and prayed and dreamed about this baby for so long now, so to be carrying her - or him - inside me feels like a new planet that houses oxygen and water has been discovered. how can something so miraculous be happening?

our little one is due a week before halloween. we will have two babies to dress up now. i'm already wondering what they will be. wouldn't it be beautiful to dress them alike?

i can't wait to spend the summer in sundresses with my husband's hand on my stomach, whispering the dreams we have for him - or her, wondering, just like with gus, who they will become. whose eyes will they have? will they get my freckles or his curly hair? will they get his personality or my shyness? will they like the way i read to them, just like gus does? or will they want to be sung to instead?

we have been preparing our garden for ripe vegetables and fruit, centered around some of my very favorite cravings like cucumbers and fresh juicy tomatoes and watermelon so red you'd imagine them to share a bloodline with ruby's.

there is so much joy already and there is so much more joy to come. this time is precious. this life is precious. and this baby.

oh, this baby is precious.

keep growing, our little love. keep breathing inside me until i can breathe you out.


  1. Congratulations and many blessings to your family.

  2. congrats again! such exciting news!

  3. I am so happy for you! What beautiful photos of you and your bundled blessing inside...such a pretty floral dress you are wearing with your dark hair cascading all around you. I love you sweet one with the same name as me. My prayers float heavenward xxo

  4. Congratulations and blessings are plentiful.

  5. I am so incredibly happy for you! Such a wonderfilled blessing! xx

  6. Oh that will be hard with two little kids... And you have dreamed for that baby for so long? But your oldest is not even 2 years old !?

    1. hi, i am not certain the feeling behind this comment but i can say that we are - each and every one of us - on our own person and private journey. we have experienced a lot as a family, loss being one of them. so yes, we have dreamed of this baby. and time is relative, so to speak. hope you're having a wonderful day!

  7. 'keep growing, our little love. keep breathing inside me until i can breathe you out.' Oh, that line. It had tears gushing from my eyes. So beautiful, Kerrie.

    And with regards the above comment. All mothering is hard. Perfect but hard. Your 2 beautiful babies will have almost the exact same age gap as my 2 babies and let me tell you, it is wonderful. Beyond wonderful. And i am so grateful. You will adore every moment, even the hard ones. xxx