April 14, 2015


a small front yard adventure before nap + new ruby shoes for mama.

freshly clipped sunday roses.

friday afternoon lunch of PB+ J's and strawberries under the sycamore tree.

sunday afternoon preparations for dada's coming home.

while gus plays, hot lemon water and freshly cut grass.

his newest obsession: lacing and re-lacing dada's boots.

sunday afternoon sitting on the bench, watching my boys, with a heart so full.

how i get ready some days: plop him on top of the toilet and give him a pb+ j

our orange roses the color of a sunrise.

/i have been listening to this song about ten times a day. i simply can't get enough.
/the "amazing greens" smoothie from jamba juice is something i crave every single day.
/ would love this print for our home
/ we watched this documentary the other night. wow. 
/ this article
/this beautiful company, their aesthetic and the look of these candles and market basket 


  1. Your peach roses are so romantic...the color of old english roses. 'Thank You' by Led Z. Was our wedding song...you brought me back to those cherished memories. xo

  2. The orange roses are absolutely lovely! My little guy loves to untie all the shoes in the house, which always seems to be the time when we are running a bit behind for school =) I must say, from what photos I have seen of your bathroom, I very much adore it, the colors and such. Vintage touches such as that have always appealed to me. Our bathroom is, I'm assuming, from the same era, just different, but popular for that time frame, colors. Wishing you a very lovely week! xx ~Ashley

  3. Your blog and photography are so beautiful! That peach roses photograph is perfection. Are you on Instagram? *goes to hunt for you*

  4. (just discovered you are and I already follow you. PHEW! :D )