April 13, 2015


when i was first contacted by sudara, i was immediately drawn to their mission: to give women in India a safe, healing environment to work in by escaping the sex trafficking industry and providing a life of freedom and opportunity. you can read more about their story and program here. it is reported that there have been close to 200,000 nights of peaceful sleep for the past year for over 180+ women and their children associated with their sewing centers.

it is with great honor and joy that i share with you a company with a true mission and incredible vision that i not only support but deeply respect and love. their products are beautifully made, colorful and incredibly comfortable. i am wearing the Punjammies in Swathi Full and have already been lounging in them for a few days and can't seem to take them off! what it is even more exciting is that they are working on new products every day (including a men's line and a new girl's line). what's even sweeter for those of you who are mama's of girls, you can match with your little one for those cozy mornings at home!

today, Sudara has just launched their new website and with it, a rebranding. please have a read here. to celebrate, the gracious team at Sudara is offering one instagram follower a pair of Punjammies in the color and size of choice.

to enter through instragram, simply:

1. follow me, kerrie, on instagram @bonjourmoon
2. follow Sudara on instagram @sudaragoods
3. tag three friends as many times as you like, each comment counts as one entry.

(if you do not have instagram, feel free to enter via this blog in the comments)

winner chosen this Thursday, April 14 at 12pm Pacific.

Thank you for reading and GOOD LUCK!


  1. What a very amazing thing they are doing! I would love to see exactly what they offer (styles, colors) but each time I go to their site, it is down. I hope they are back up and running soon, but please enter my name in the contest and I absolutely follow your blog! Thank you! xx ~Ashley

  2. So happy to have checked back on their site! I simply love the Swathi Full, Bhavani Full and the coordinating girls line would be perfect for both my girls! Thank you for offering such a delightful giveaway! Fingers crossed xx ~Ashley

  3. Their products are beautiful! And I sure love supporting businesses that help women. I'd love to wear the Nagavani full length punjammies. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Stunned never seen such a lovely punjammies .. actually i dont know.. but looks very great and traditional... thanks for sharing

  5. My experience with them has not been that great. They sent me green pants that are suppose to be silvery gray and they have done it twice. When I got upset(and yes I went overboard but apologized) they blocked me on Facebook and also would not post my honest reviews of the 4 items I purchased. A company that does that is censoring what people will think of their products and I am really disappointed

  6. A family member received punjammies for Christmas. They were the wrong size and she tried to exchange them at the local Sudara store where she was told she needed to mail them back, receive a gift card and repurchase. Hello, $21.00 in postage to exchange a pair of pants. While this company supports a good cause, their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.

    1. They are incompetent as a company and covering up bad reviews.

  7. Sudara has blocked me on FAcebook and will not answer my voicemails over sending me green pants instead of gray ones. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in their state and I encourage all others to do so