March 4, 2015


1. post bath embrace
2. daily reading before nap
3. post shared saturday morning shower
4. our first ice cream date together!
5. spring sits in our front yard
6. a morning moment
7. bath tub hangs
8. my precious sleeping 22 month old
9. my favorite part of each day
10. see #9
11. sis-in-law visit, taking her for ice cream
12. first sakura bloom branch and kisses from my husband
13. sunday afternoon family time
14. a photo sent to my husband
15. oh his little bum!
16. strawberry biscuit makings
17. my favorite human/favorite set of eyes/ favorite face/favorite husband
18. he was so happy in this moment
19. sharing strawberry biscuits out front, waiting for the stove repairman to come back.

IN CLOVER (adj) ;

in a condition of prosperity; living well; happy and contented.

early friday morning, my husband texted me, asking if we would meet him where he was working for the day for even just a half an hour.

i just need to look at your face for a few minutes, he said.

i said of course, and made sure that gus napped a bit earlier so we wouldn't miss a chance to meet up with him. when we arrived, he greeted us with arms wide open, and whisked us out of the theater into the daylight where we walked in the cold bright air to get a cherry smoothie to share. he was so stressed with work and said that just spending a few minutes being grounded by us was all he needed to continue working hard and i know how much it meant to him and how much it meant to me that we could be what he needs.

we have been spending much of our time closely crocheted together, and it feels really really good. we have laid under so many blankets and watched many movies and played outside until we've grown cold. we make and eat our meals together in the early morning and evening and sharing those few minutes of slow are so important to us. we hide our phones, listen to records, play instruments and just live for the moment to be alive all together at the same time. we have been living with such beautiful news and know how fragile we hold it in our hands. i can only hope that we continue to carry grateful hearts and deeply live our lives.

i hope you have all been well, my friends. and following the paths that feel good and true and sweet. my true paths always include a baby on my hip, flowers from the garden, a good home cooked meal, prayers, a hand-on-my-face kiss from my husband, music and staying off instagram as much as possible.

my hope is that you find what it is that makes YOU feel like you and not bother yourself with what anyone else is doing.

god didn't make a single carbon copy. he makes beautiful things. and you (we) are no exception.

/this recipe is so good (didn't use the white wine or olives)
/ this series  on netflix is amazing and mind blowing (start with episode ''be right back'')
/ dream swimsuit
/making this dessert for sunday's supper 
/ this article


  1. Oh, you are an inspiration! Your love of simplicity and beautiful things makes me smile. What a precious family and home you have! :)

    1. wow, thank you so much. i am so happy to have you as a friend. xo

  2. from what i read in your beautiful words, the relationship you have with your husband seems like the love i imagined when i was a little girl. my husband and i are not very romantic or intimate ... with our words, i mean. and maybe sometimes with our actions, too. it is good, though, in it's own way. the two of you just seem so connected... like there is no question that you are in it for life ... you remind me so much of a joanna newsom song. your life ... i also love how real you are online. some people, even though seemingly beautiful .. you can tell that they are hiding behind something. i cannot say all of these things to you in person, like i wish i could ... so im sorry i am rambling on here. anyway, beautifully written and beautifully captured and beautifully true. as always. xox. -Kristen

    1. my kristen, i love your ramblings. i could read pages and books of your ramblings. the way you move through sentences reminds me of jumping on soft stones in a low river, happily moving forward, from one to the next. i can't thank you enough for taking the time to write me, knowing how precious your time is. and i can say that i am beyond humbled and flattered that you see me the way you do, as that it how i see you. i found, especially in these last months, i would only take pictures that were "pretty" and it made me rather sick. i have been spending too much wasted precious time on worrying about aesthetics and i hated that about myself. what i have with my little family is far more beautiful than any filtered version through VSCO, ya know? i am so happy just living my life, trying hard not to document and more on just being happy with being quiet. instagram is so very loud! and i'm finding it's all becoming the same version of a slightly different photo, yeesh. i just like looking at my husband (who never ever takes photos) and watch him move through the earth so contentedly and my baby boy who stares out the window for minutes on end just in awe of the sky. i strive to be more like that. more like them. i don't love what i am feeling online so backing off has felt so good for my soul. love you and would love to talk to you more in whatever way i can. xxo

  3. This blog is so lovely and I love that you always post such encouraging content!

  4. Beautiful. Quiet living...amen.
    I am truly thankful that there was no social media, cell phones, etc when I was raising my children. I wish it still did not exist...I often think about unplugging completely.

    Your post makes me think of a bit of words I read last night...
    "The reality of now...the unreality of all the rest." Thomas Merton

    Beautiful blessings, Kerrie

    1. oh, kerrie, i thank you for your sweet comment. i re-read it a few times ;) and boy do i hear you on the unplugging bit. at times i think we have all become so reliant on feedback from others and "documenting beautiful" that we have lost touch of our true purposes. i am so guilty of this. it is so hard to pull away but once you do, it's like a giant weight is lifted off and the breath that i always seem to be holding is released.

      sending you my love, as always.

  5. these images give me life and that article, my god that article ~ Kerrie, that article is just Divine intervention. i love her concept of dealing with our "fugitive anger," in whatever shape it may take. thank you for sharing bits of you and such inspiring words all around. xoxo

  6. Dearest Kerrie, I just love your words. Their beauty, simplicity, truth, quiet determination... you always reach me in the deepest parts of my heart. My truest yearnings and deepest desires. Thank you for writing here. You bless me ... and many I am sure! So much love to you..
    Saminda xx