February 18, 2015


the days spent in baths, outside on our hammock, swinging under the sycamore tree, bike riding in floral dresses, sleeping spooned into my little baby boy, having papa push us in those big dorky red carts at target, listening to our records as i prepare dinner, sharing smoothies and sipping tea in the early evening, making little snacks and eating them in bed, looking forward to the simple beauty of sunday dinner, opening all the windows to the light and to the sounds of my boys playing outside, decadently and obnoxiously spreading flowers throughout the house, and kissing my husband in the middle of his showers are parts of my days/ the whole of my life that i will cry for when i am old, sitting in my quiet house, looking out the window.

it's truly what raises the joy in me.


  1. Images filled with the tenderness of a close-knit love. Words of refreshment. Thank you for sharing your darling life! :)

  2. Love, love this post!