January 8, 2015


his favorite book is a book that our doctor gave to him, with hard cardboard pages that have medium sized comic sans words under each picture. he knows all the words and pictures in the book and gets so excited when i ask him to find the chair. or girl. or fish. when i applaud him with great joy, he nearly jumps into the air and applauds right alongside me, with his beautiful new proud face. the only word he was stuck on was duck, which makes sense since it is essentially the one picture of an animal he hasn't actually seen.

so today, i wanted him to experience and see them for the first time. and i wanted to do it together, as a tiny family of three.

if there were a moment i could still, it would be this one. the way he would spin and jump and clap and laugh with such purity. the way he would carefully rip the bread and throw it ever so gently into the water. the way papa would zip up both their jackets and hold him up high with such love.

if only he knew the way my heart beats in the moments that make him so utterly happy. 


i love singing this song to gus, and i love this version, mostly because of the humming/ this song


  1. This is so lovely... kids are pure magic.

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  3. such a sweet day and such a sweet family ... laugh with purity ... i love that.