January 6, 2015


1. this morning, still warm in my arms from the night
2. morning light in our new home
3. what i live for
4. on the way back from ikea
5. mother + son, after nap
6. winter evening/ he is in awe, of everything
7. date night ;)
8. a beautiful mess made by gus; the petals matched my dress
9. sunday hike to a waterfall
10. gus right now: crazy hair, Buddha belly, ratatouille obsessed, dirty mirror from talking to himself
11. winter evening discovering the small pebbles
12. red rocket morning
13. my handsome king telling me secrets
14. portrait of gus + winnie (she's camouflaged into the trees)
15. fresh out of the bath
16. moments like these

we were talking about our future, what we hope for, what tiny little dreams we have for what is to come.

he said, "this is where the dream will always be for me. right here, having soup with you, with little ones stacking blocks at our feet."

i liked that.

                                  no, no.

i loved that.


this song 
this photo
these bibs
this podcast
this read


  1. Spoon Bar?? We love it there. Happy week to you beautiful Mama. I've been in a funk and your blog is such an inspiration, a reminder, to live in the present and find the lovely in every moment. So thank you. :)

  2. Yes, my love, Spoonbar! On the very few date nights out we've had together, we always go there. It's so romantic and my husband scoots in the chair and we just talk and talk. Oh no, why are you in a funk, may I ask? Or you can email me? I would love to talk to you and talk you out of this funk. It would make my heart so very glad.