November 30, 2014


come quick,
found heaven.

{telegraph from artist Andrew Hutty to his wife after his arrival in Charleston}

this weekend we ate to-go sushi on top of boxes and steve
made the very best choices, like he always does with ordering.

we also shared a tuna sandwich with pickles in the rain after visiting
the progress of our home we will move into this week.

the house rests so beautifully against his face, i can't get enough
of both.

for thanksgiving, i made two berry pies and braided their crusts
and turned leftover dough into petals. steve made his famous garlicky
mashed potatoes and had me try many bites. he carefully blows on the
wooden spoon holding the hot potatoes so i won't burn my tongue.

careful baby he says.

the sky has been so beautiful lately, gray like when all my watercolors muddy
themselves in a cup. they've been reminding me of the skies i walked home from school under
as a little girl, shy and quiet.

this is a season of light, and i am happy to enter into it holding hands
with the very men of my heart, of my heart.

this song / this article / matisse flowers, any will do/ this knitted blanket


  1. Kerrie, your writing is so beautiful..your blog always feels so sacred..a sacred place. Your new home will be a sanctuary for your sacred hearts xxo

  2. yes, sacred! that is the word i have been searching for these past few weeks of reading your space here. it's almost like you live in your own continent on top of a fluffy cloud. so. damn. beautiful. gah you're amazing.