December 16, 2014


we've already established new rhythms in this new home of ours. it's beautiful and real and completely unimaginable.

we build fires and eat dinner under dimmed light. when steve comes home from work, we wait in the arched cathedral window to surprise him as he walks up the stairs.

hi dada, hi dada, da-daaaaaaaaa, he repeats, over and over and over.

the hall waits for little feet to run its path and the morning fog clouds all the windows. we could make hearts in their dew if we thought that to be a good idea.

we open the blinds when we wake and see the birds making their way through the cold branches.

i light black sandwalwood candles on the bathroom ledge and have stacked chunky white candles next to each other in many of the windowsills.

i like it best when my husband gets up early and i can hear the kettle for his coffee whistle.

i get up as he runs to shut it off (so as not to wake us) and get lost trying to find him.

"baby, why are you awake?" he asks

i know the moment you aren't there.

the antique purple roses that were cut down before we moved in are blooming again. i have clipped just a single stem to put in a white single bloom vase. i put it in the bathroom under the mirror and few things i find more beautiful.

i found a love letter on the back of his old sheet music. god i love my husband. so very much.

"The night-birds peck at the early stars,
that glitter as my soul does, while it loves you."

this recipe  / just ordered this print / need this dress  / simple + beautiful watercolor tutorial / starting this challenge tomorrow, maybe / will be making my own version of these for sweet gifts/ 


  1. all so very wonderful. im glad you have nestled in nice and cozy in your new home. xox. all of this radiates peace and happiness.

  2. What a wonderful home you're building.

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