May 8, 2014


1. a beautiful blouse i bought, with every intention of wearing it until i am old and grey
2. my absolute FAVORITE new mascara discovery, it's above and beyond any i've ever tried. 
3. a cherished moon necklace gift from my husband. i don't wear much jewelery, but would wear this every day if i could.
4. thrifted wooden bowl set and shoes, perfect for summer everything
5. rearranging corners
6. loved on sandals that i hope never break
7. $1 wildflower mix from Target, simply can't wait
8. morning garden bouquets from my husband
9. an exciting growing collection
10. almond butter + eggs, seems it's all we eat (whole 30, day 8, ugh)

field notes//

it's slightly raining outside but it is so bright, it almost hurts my eyes as i type this on our white bed sheets. i can see so much of our work in the garden right outside our window and my husband's soleri windbells are making music with the slight shift in the wind. we have great plans for this summer in our backyard. we have planted carrots, kale, spinach, lettuce, pineapple heirlooms, brussels, and armenian cucumber and hope to score an old wine barrel soon to put in an herb garden too. i usually strap gus onto my back in the ergo and we spend as much time as we can working away.

lately, much (read: all) of my day is taken up by caring for our wee one and packing orders/buying inventory for the shop or editing photo shoots and it feels like my energy has plummeted. i feel tired and my body aches and the only thing that sounds beautiful is sipping a hot cup of genmaicha and watching any movie with paul rudd.

gus  has been walking for a few weeks now and getting into every. little. thing. even more so than ever. he is obsessed with putting everything in our garbage cans: our cell phones, lotion, his favorite blanket, car chargers, phone chargers, his toys, parts from the vaccuum(?) i found my mascara in the cupboard next to the salad bowl and steve found his amex card at the bottom of his toy chest. this boy! he is so sneaky. he understands how to be and it's beautiful and real and amazing.

steve says beautiful things daily, so much so that i have to ask him to say it again so i can write it down and save to look back on. but this weekend when he whisked me away to an oasis for a surprise couple's massage and bath, he said something i don't ever want to forget ~ "i am going to wait for you outside, and look up at the sky."

it's may and in two days, it's my birthday. i just want to spend it on a blanket outside, picnicking with the ones i love the very most.

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