May 7, 2014


it has been quite some time since i've had the energy and space to write and it feels like a treat to be able to do so this morning. so much has happened in the past weeks, so many stories and new ideas and big, beautiful things. some of which i have on film, others, just experienced, kept only for us.

my sweet baby boy turned one on the twenty-fifth of april. i wrote a little love letter to him on my instagram, and had every hope of making a video/photo dedication to him on here but i truthfully ran out of hours in the day. i have thousands and thousands of photos of him, from his first breath to his first step, all of which i want to show him somehow. and i will, soon.

we kept gus' birthday incredibly simple and sweet and i think he was quite pleased. we had our immediate family over, my mama made a cake, i made two different kinds of enchiladas and spanish rice and i decorated his high chair from clippings from our backyard to make him feel like a king.

there were bubbles and flowers and airplanes and a new radioflyer and pianos and a beautiful speech from my husband (my sensitive, beautiful man) i happened to catch on film.

i don't believe in "pinterest" or "blogger" parties but i do believe in special, heartfelt ones and i truly hope this is what my sweet baby felt.


  1. Happy birthday to your sweet baby boy. One is a biggie and you celebrated with your whole heart. I love your greenery around his high chair. It makes lovely photos of him. He is so handsome. xxo

  2. your child is an angel and you are a queen-- oh how i wish to have been a fly on the wall at his beautiful party--

  3. Happy First Birthday to your sweet little man!

  4. Can I have the recipe for the cake , I want to make one for my son it looks delicious (: !