May 11, 2014


to know my mom is to love her ~ it's always been that simple and easy and beautiful. she is the air which our whole family breathes. she is our light. she is my very heartbeat. she is my best friend and the one who i owe my life to.

there is no one in the world like her. not one person. she is my dream mom, couldn't have made her up if i spent a lifetime trying. the way her fierce green eyes filled with stories look at you. the way she gardens in her tank top and jean shorts. the way she knows how to cure every single ailment. the way she makes up words and uses them as real ones. the way she laughs until she pees (sorry mom). the way she comes over if only to do your dishes and water your plants and make you a pot of soup from scratch. the way she cooks ~ and knows how to cook ~ everything, perfectly. the way she talks on the phone and leaves voicemails you can never delete. the way she pretends to do yoga. the way she irons all her clothes and always looks so perfect. the way it takes her ten minutes to tell a thirty second story. the way she loves and embraces all that you are. the way she holds her family in heart like it's a necklace around her neck. the way she texts me ten thousand times a day. the way she loves.

oh, how she loves.

the way she loves me feels much like god's love, holy love. it is pure and unending and natural and safe and warm and altogether perfect. i feel like the luckiest girl in the history of the world to be the daughter of my beautiful mama, joanne elaine.

because the truth is, she is why i have always wanted to be a mother ~ she is why i have always dreamt of it. there's no other light more beautiful and there is no other love more deep. as i lay here with my beautiful family making noises throughout the house, the only thing i can possibly say is thank you, mama, for spending your life loving me so i could spend my life loving like you always have.

i love you more than you will ever know and i wish you the happiest of my mother's day, my angel mum.



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  1. Such heartfelt, kind words that must touch your mama so deeply. You are so richly blessed to have a closeness like you do. I wish I had a mother like you do. But God gave me two daughters to be close to. Their love is my treasure. You are a beautiful Mama happy Mothers Day.