May 22, 2014


my daily routine takes about as much time as it takes a song on the radio to play. i rarely ever change the look of my makeup because i simply don't know how and i just don't have that much time. but, i make a point every single day to get dressed, to put on a little makeup and to present myself to the world and to show my husband and my son that i care.

as a mama to a now one year old, the time i have to myself is rare and sacred. each minute of every day is filled with this and that, moving and walking and chasing and cleaning and cuddling and holding, and how could i forget, exhaustion. but, you keep going ~ as a mama, that's already written in the stars. there is no other option, there is no giving up when you need a break. there is simply stepping outside, looking up, breathing deeply to twenty, and resuming.

these are some of the products i'm loving right now (that mascara) and have loved for years (like my mom's old blush brush and perfume). they make me feel feminine, sexy and mostly, like my true self. i don't have a lot of products, but what i do have, i really do love.

(you can click on the link to see where they are from)

1. yes to carrots face wipes 
2. sabon bath ball in musk 
3. l'occtaine shea butter
4. the body shop shea butter
5. frederick fekka masque
6. jafra eye cream
7. oi hair oil
8. coconut + hibiscus body wash
9. jean paul gautier perfume in classique
10. amber essential oil (helps calm anxiety)
11. mascara (triples my lashes)
12. mauve rose nail polish
13. "eiffel for you" nail polish
14. rose petal soap
15. favorite blush brush (my mom's old estee lauder)
16. lavender hand lotion
17. water bottle (makes drinking water pretty dreamy)


  1. Love these products! I've never tried the Yes To Carrots Wipes, but I will now! And bkr bottles are indeed a dream.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to post your favorites - and so beautifully composed, no less! I'd love to know what you use for face makeup and lip color. You have a timeless beauty/look that is so fresh and clean and appears effortless. Not too much, but a little something to look polished. It would be helpful to know what you've come to love in those areas too.