May 23, 2014


while visiting our sweet friends' house a few months back, we were introduced to banana sticks, which are essentially the most miraculous way to give your child bananas. instead of slicing and piling into a heap, this method is so easy and nearly mess - free.

we have been giving augustus banana sticks for months now, almost four times a day (this little man l o v e s bananas) and have no sign of stopping. every single morning i wake up, and before making the coffee, i give him his banana sticks and off he walks.

here is what we do:

simply take a banana, slice it in half (either with a knife or with your hands). next, take your pointer finger and "drill" it gently down the center of the half banana. the banana will naturally yield into three "banana sticks" and your little one will show great independence in walking/crawling/sitting around with the most satisfying fruit there is.

hope you enjoy :)

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