June 3, 2014


when i was a little girl, i spent most of my childhood outside. i played in creeks until the streetlight came on, ate dinner on the sidewalk, rode my bike until my legs couldn't move and built secret forts in fenced off areas. i even was president of our neighborhood nature club.

it is clear that my love for the world outside is being passed on to augustus. whenever we need to breathe easier and find solitude, i take him outside and it's as though we are floating through the earth.

last week, i took gus to one of my favorite nurseries and we played hide and seek in the rose bushes and sat inside a giant hydrangea grove. he splashed in the fountains until i had to change his clothes and we noticed all the bees having lunch in the lavender.

days like this with my baby, it's who i am, it's what i'll remember the most.

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  1. This is so sweet. I love your images and your personal fashion style. :)