April 15, 2014


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 photo C10_zps1e6ae370.jpg
 photo C29_zps0a35e3c0.jpg
 photo C36_zpsab73d412.jpgi rarely share my photo work, but thought i may today. these photos were taken on a warm sunday right after the rain, when the mustard fields were in full bloom. we went to my aunt's ranch, which is where steve and i were married almost two june's ago. ;)

christie and dan are truly the sweetest couple in the world and so beautiful. their love radiated through the acres and they were so happy to follow my lead. i can only imagine how much love their sweet baby girl will receive once she arrives this may. if it's anything like the love they share, she will be the luckiest girl in the entire universe.


  1. Oh wow! These are so gorgeous! I love the top first one. Love the way the light is engulfing them!

  2. I love your unique style! These photos seem almost sketch-like. Beautiful!