April 22, 2014


our first easter as a family was beautiful. papa started the morning by making us delicious pancakes and we had a small basket for augustus to open. i got him new shampoo, a calming candle, crayons, a book, a small wooden helicopter and a darling chocolate bunny. we then went to church and received a powerful message on christ that moved the contents of my insides all around simply because he lived and still lives.

i see his grace and eternal life in my motherhood and it's all consuming and beautiful. it's a hallelujah  broadcasted on the highest summit. it's a flower garden seventeen hundred oceans wide.

we spent the remainder of the day at my aunt's ranch with my family. there was the sweetest easter egg hunt, atv rides to harvest kale, herding of buffalo and rides in thirty plus year radioflyers being pushed by dad. i studied the looks on all my family members faces so there would be no way i could forget.

my mama's pink shirt and the way my baby holds on so tightly to her heart. my dad's teary eyes as he pushed his grandkids in the radioflyer. my grampy's debonair gaze into the hills. my walking baby boy's excitement finding an egg. my husband's sweet profile when he naps.

that's what i always come back to, never forgetting. always living for collecting what i love.


  1. Your posts are like the deep calling unto deep, filled with the depth of the beauty of life. Your son looks so much like his Daddy. You are blessed to have such a loving family. You all radiate light from within.
    Xxo Kerrie

  2. perfect first easter and i am always so stunned by how amazingly beautiful you are. gosh, girl.