April 11, 2014


any one who comes over to our house usually ends up in our backyard picking succulents from the ground to take home. they grow like weeds here and multiply when the weather warms up even slightly.

as i peak out my window i can see that many of our irises and lilies have bloomed and they look so magical just standing on their own, as if they have always been there.

like all of my "crafts," this one almost doesn't even need a full sentence of instruction, but since it looks so pretty i figured i might photograph it and share. the centerpiece is only temporary as the succulents will need to be transplanted back into soil to stay green and alive. this is perfect for a weekend decoration, party or simply just to make you smile for a week. if you choose to make this last much longer, you can choose airplants! or, if you find a piece of driftwood with larger, concave holes, you can simply add soil into the holes for a more permanent fixture.


one medium to large piece of driftwood

place the stems of succulents in varying sizes into the holes of the driftwood.

that's it.

so simple.

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