February 13, 2014


i was testing the light for a small photo shoot (see photo four) and trying out some new tricks i had taught myself when my boys walked in and this is kind of how these photos happened. all within like two minutes. not planned, not set up. we are actually all in our pajamas if you can believe it.

it's a strange and unusual irony that i have built a life around taking photos, and yet i rarely ever allow my photo to be taken. there are many reasons why (i have the self esteem of an ant) and also, my boys. they're just plain beautiful. i am always only ever a work in progress, so for now, i will cherish these photos because they are some of the only photos i have of all three of us as a tribe.

and ps, apparently we don't look at the camera all that much, or ever. and despite what these photos may look like, i have more freckles and broken out hormonal skin than i care to talk about. ;)


  1. They are beautiful...you are a beautiful tribe. Photos to cherish forever. I believe you are so beautiful because you have such a humble, gentle, fragile heart. You glow in the light here. I think you are stunningly gorgeous. xxo

  2. Kerrie, you are absolutely stunning and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise. I love the third photo. Your family is beautiful. :)

  3. Absolutely perfect, in all of it's rawness, and reality.

  4. these are beautiful! i love that they are so simple but say so much!