February 23, 2014


"a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014"

augustus: it is no surprise that i am yawning repeatedly as i type the words to your portrait. oh my little love, at almost ten months, you are growing so fast and moving at speeds i am still not quite prepared for. sometimes i daydream about the time in your life when you will want to slow down, have quiet time, read a book, search for patterns, cuddle while watching a movie. that time will all come soon enough, so your papa and i are trying our very best to stay centered as you explore every last inch of the world while you are awake. 

we took you to the sea last week and you saw so many things for the first time, but i think what you loved the very most was grabbing at blades of dewy grass and playing with the long window string on the backdoor that led to the ocean.

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