February 24, 2014


last week spent by the sea was exactly what our little tribe needed. we rented a house that was a two minute walk from the ocean and spent our days simply just being together.

to me, it was perfect. there were no tours or schedules or main attractions or tropical islands or souvenirs to bring back. it was just us, belonging as a family to the quiet world around us.

the day we left, we loaded up on groceries from trader joes as we were leaving and we ended up cooking every single meal together, which is what we preferred. there's nothing more relaxing for my heart than being in a kitchen cooking for the ones i love most. my boys would be strumming on the guitar or building a fire and i would sip a cherry mimosa as i began making dinner every night.

we made homemade pizzas, salmon, quinoa, a roasted whole chicken, soup with homemade stock and pasta. i can't tell you what it was like to make dinner every night with the windows open to the sea breeze and my husband playing some of his favorite simon and garfunkel tunes (he sang this song beautifully with a glass of red wine in his hands, it was precious, especially that little humming part). goodness, even typing about our time gives me butterflies because it was everything we wanted and i have truly never been more in love with my husband than i am now. seeing him focusing on his little family and being such a gentle father and husband moves me more than words. to experience it is surreal. and my god isn't he beautiful?

each morning we would wake up to watch the sun rise, greet the same family of deer on the deck, sip our french press as the fire heated the house and then run to the hot tub out back and you could see and hear the waves crashing. we collected seashells and driftwood and pointed to all the craggy rocks and played games and cuddled on the couch under the blankets after gus went down for the night. we even climbed a light house.

there was nothing over the top or even all that spectacular about what we did, but it was simple and serene and a fleeting time in our life as a young family of three i'll never forget.

happy week ahead, my friends.

*all photos were taken on my camera and iphone


  1. oh, i've been waiting for this post, to read and see all about your gorgeous week at sea. it was like going on a mini vacation for my mind while i read this and looked at your beautiful photos. thank you for this, i'm so happy you had such a beautiful time.

  2. You had me at seaside. Garfunkel songs and good food are just icing on this vacation cake!!
    I am so happy for you, a seaside vaca sounds delicious.

  3. We spent our honeymoon at Sea Ranch in a three story oblong house with the master bed and bath on the top floor surrounded by redwoods and windows all the way around. Felt like we were in a nest in the trees.

    I love our Northern California coast...so happy you had such a lovely vacation. Nothing could be more romantic than a husband whom plays guitar and sings to you. xxo