October 8, 2013


we made these succulent crowns for my little town's renaissance festival, and they turned out so pretty (and simple) that i thought i'd share.

supplies needed:

-sturdy burlap string
-floral wire


if you happen to have access to any type of foliage in your background, use that first. we foraged the foliage and succulents from my wild backyard and it worked wonderfully (we used lemon verbana, sage, purple bouquet english lavender, and a few others). whatever you have will work beautifully.

after carefully snipping off what you need, measure your head with the string, making sure to leave a fair amount of excess (don't worry you will cut that off later). do not pre-tie the string since you will most likely need to make adjustments.

next, place your foliage and succulents in an order that you love, and start wrapping the wire over both your greenery and string.  
once you have the greenery secured, make sure to try it on. if it is too loose or too tight, be sure to adjust accordingly. after it is in a secure position, tie it off in a double knot, leaving a small "tail" to tuck into the crown so that it won't fall off.

sidenote: this crown will start wilting after a few hours, so it is best for photoshoots, weddings, etc. if you are looking to preserve it, be sure to read how to air-dry greenery here


  1. This is so very beautiful! You have inspired me to grow succulents! xo Jen

  2. Thank you, beautiful. They grow like weeds in my backyard, so anytime I can, I dig them up and use them for little beauties! xo