October 4, 2013


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and so it begins. the first time i've really put words to this new tribe of ours ~ i am kerrie, my sweet husband is steve, and our dream-baby is augustus. we are the moon's (no really, check our licenses) and this is our new home online. you can read a little more about me here.

i have wanted a space to call my own for so long now, and i've spent months (years?) dreaming about it, and holding off for whatever reason. but something finally happened inside me, an awakening so to speak. one night after visiting with my darling mama, i came home and got to work.

this space will be one hundred percent me. it will not be portrayals of a life i'm leading or attempts at perfection like so many blogs these days.

in sharing my heart, i share with you my truth and what truly gives me bliss (like recipes, candid moments, creating, sincere attempts at living simply, and what mama-hood means to me).

i hope to inspire you to live the life you were carved to lead, by being exactly who you are, starting exactly where you are.

i am humbled to begin this journey, and i am so excited to finally manifest the dreams that have been embedded inside me for so long.

i am so happy you are here. i mean that.

{while i would have liked to have started this blog back before when we were married, i'll begin now: a year and a half into our marriage, and our sweet augustus as a five-month-old. hopefully i can fill in the blanks along the way.}


  1. You are off to a beautiful start. It's a privilege to read your words and I look forward to visiting each day.

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  3. I am so looking forward to getting to know you, beautiful, Mama! You are inspiring in so many ways, you are so very beautiful, and have a heart of gold! You have the selfless quality so very many people lack. I adore you! xo Jen