October 8, 2013


a little down the road from us, there is a part of the earth so untouched and so pure, even your lungs breathe easier and your heart rate slows.

this was our second time at armstrong redwoods with augustus, and it has become a place of deep peace for our little tribe. we walked slowly, looking up as much as we would take it all in. it's a beautiful place to remember how little we all are and how much life spanned before our tiny existence ~ and really, how much life will keep moving far beyond any of us now. the vast, strong redwoods that span to the ceiling of the sky and the intensely green ferns that grow at the roots of the redwoods reminded me just how much life comes and goes, and how gentle and beautiful it all really is.

and what i've learned from our sweet baby boy is that time does not exist. it is a mere space between all the beautiful things in life. have you ever seen a baby look up at parade of trees that stand 200 feet fall? it is something that i want to write on the very inside of my soul. i want to hold it, and remember that what we see every day is what he sees for the first time, every time.

to live simply, i follow him. i look at everything with new eyes as much as possible. and find the wonder in what requires wonderment.


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  2. I just love walks in the woods! I always loved seeing my babies experience "firsts". Their eyes, filled with awe and wonderment. This is so sweet! xo Jen

    1. Come walk in the woods with me, Jen. I'll pack us a yummy lunch! I love you! xo

  3. I just found your blog and it is so beautiful. Your words drip with heartfelt beauty. I know the area you live in. Salmon Creek Beach is where my family goes. We have been camping at the dunes since my hubby and i were dating. We have camped while i was pregnant with each of my for children. Now they are in college but we still camp in our vintage travel trailer on the Sonoma Coast at Doran beach. We love to drive down the Bohemian hwy and it sounds like you may live around there. You love motherhood like i do. It is so lovely to cind you.

  4. And we have the same name and spelled the same.