January 9, 2021

sol planning

i am not exactly sure why i remember this so well or if it's of any importance at all, but during college, one of my most (yet to be known) beloved memories was my flimsy little school agenda. the kind they give out by the handfuls, tossed in the plastic bag alongside the paperwork, the pamphlets, the receipts. there was nothing beautiful or special about them, really, which made what i would use them for almost embarrassing. in black ink always, i would map out my homework assignments, meetings, places to be. i would write down anything i could think of,  think of birthday gifts for mom,  look up quotes by emerson, find a madeline pan like proust, get a car wash, etc. some other things i would write: twenty-first birthday,  first date with mr. moon, tenth date with mr. moon, major declared, graduation. 

i had cake-plate designs and vintage dresses doodled into the long, waify margins. i wrote down quotes from professors, new words i thought were beautiful and didn't want to forget.     

agape, damask, susurrus, unbosom. 

soon enough, the agendas were replaced by jobs and devices and notes typed instead of written. somewhere along the way, that part of me, the written part,  became jetsam from the unanchored ship inside of me, both lost somewhere between then and now.

it's been perhaps eight or so years since i've written down the days of my life in the form of numbers. it's been perhaps even longer than that since i've flipped through anything at all to see what is to come.  and so, when i came across sol planners, it felt like coming home. or like picking up a part of me that i didn't quite realize had fallen.

each book is so beautifully made. it is more than a planner, but a tool. to check in with your heart, your goals, your soul. it is a place to focus on what's spinning inside your head with nowhere to go. it's a place of reflection, of so, so so much beauty.

i find myself reaching for it all day long. writing little notes, memories, my children's homeschooling schedules, beautiful lines they've said, i've read or felt. 

hand on my chest, i say to you, dear reader: if you are in need of a place to put all that's inside you gently outside ~ if you are in need of lessening your anxieties, to stir your imaginings, to remind you of what can bloom within you, oh what a gift this could be for yourself. 

imagine in a year's time, holding this year so brightly in your hands. what a thought. what magic.

(ps: this is in no way a sponsored post. just so in love. sarah generously offered 10% off your sol planner purchase with using bonjourmoon at checkout )


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