July 8, 2015


i can't stop listening to this song. i told steve i think i'd like it on repeat in our delivery room when the day comes. if only for the whistling, and the way they hum 'moon' and 'wrist' into the same line.

i also need to get my actual camera out. my iphone photos are just really frustrating me lately. so tired of the grain. in need of the slower, clearer and more methodical pace of my canon. kind of how my photos used to be. i'm sure i will get rightt on that.

on the morning of the fourth, augustus and i travelled about one minute down our road to buy our strawberries from a very serious aging asian man with perfectly parted hair. we bought a huge case for fourteen dollars strictly to make jam in my mom's kitchen, like we do each year. before i could get them to my parent's house, gus had about twelve, the tiny seeds alive in his nails, his cheeks sticky and red, staining his vintage patriotic shirt i had been waiting years for him to wear.

"mooh staw bewwies," he would yell from the back. "pweeese mama! pweeeseeee"

for dinner, we had roasted chicken, an avocado, cucumber and tomato salad and baked rosemary potato wedges. steve met us just in time for the neighbor's fireworks, and a slice of berry pie.

"oooooo! big candles," gus would say. how beautiful to call fireworks candles, i thought.

candles of the sky, really.

we tried this recipe on sunday evening together. with anchovies (which we never do)! i love how she makes the dressing first right into a wooden bowl. we even went to the market just to get the ingredients. steve made the dressing and croutons, i rinsed the kale and drank lots of icy lemonade.

i'll be sharing a few pregnancy related posts this week, if any of you are interested in that (i am fascinated with other women's pregnancy and love comparing notes).

1/  lemonade cups before dinner that were thrown away after discovering high fructose corn syrup in the main ingredient. ugh.
2/ resting while baby boy plays with his dada right outside our bedroom window
3/ big candles ;)
4/ bringing home the strawberries
5/ fourth of july nap
6/ daddy ran off stage while playing to give us a kiss and dance one song with us :)
7/ holding my blooms while i collect more. i love him so.
8/ swinging naked wrapped in a towel after an evening swim
9/ summertime augustus george

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  1. I have always found your iPhone photos so authentic and gorgeous, grain and all! Thanks for sharing your days with your readers/IG followers. I so adore your updates. Wishing you joy and strength as you prepare for baby #2! :-)