May 21, 2015


when it comes to my every day routine, i would say it's pretty darn simple. i don't own many products and in fact, most of what i do own i can fit into a makeup bag and be done with it. mostly because i don't believe most of the hype of beauty products (especially the price tag attached to them) and mostly because i rarely steer away from what seems to work for me personally. beauty counters scare me, and i usually just end up smelling perfume or lotion rather than trying on makeup, and i think a lot of what they are trying to sell can be found for a lot less in alternative ways.

i see many blogs that post their monthly favorite buys, but i can't help but wonder how much money is spent on trying out all these items! i think if you can even get to a point where you've found products that work, then there's really no need to keep trying out new ones. maybe i'm alone on this, and i probably am.

at eighteen weeks pregnant, i am finding that having a small basket of go-to's is really helpful, especially on the days where i just want to lay on my bed and sleep for hours on end. i am finding that the little and simple things are all i'll ever need. a few clippings of roses, beautiful floral thrifted skirts and dresses, a simple and timeless pair of sandals, a nice spritz of perfume and the prettiest shade of rose pink on my nails to feel feminine, lotion to keep my skin moisturized, oils to calm my anxiety and a simple sunhat to spend in outside with my family. 

those are my things, i guess. nothing exotic or over the top. just simple and lovely. how i truly try to live.

my spring favorites list:

1/ sally holmes roses
2/ jasmine lotion here
3/ burt's bees almond butter here
4/ essential oils (c/o casey wiegand) here
5/ burt's bees nourishing chapstick here
6/ moonrise creek facial lotion here
7/ moraccan oil here
8/ sonja kashuk nail polish (perfect shade of pink) here
9/ estee lauder florals perfume (a surprise gift from my husband, and it smells like heaven) here
10/ avarcas pons (c/o) here
11/old fashioned scissors here
12/ sunhat here
13/ clementines and citrus all day long
14/ la croix (perfect mid day treat)
15/ thrifted floral dresses and skirts


  1. You are not alone in simple beauty care.
    I have always believed that nature is what brings the glow to my cheeks...the sun, the sea, the forest, the soil of earth...all natural living is health for my body, mind, and soul.
    I use a simple cleanser and moisturizer with sunblock by Aveeno daily (it used to be Neutrogena when I was younger). I did not begin to wear a bit of makeup until my thirties. I use Neutrogena face powder and bronzer to give my skin a layer of protection and cover some of the sun spots I have began to get in my 40's. I do not wear the makeup every day. I also like Burt's Bees for my lips too and a petal soft pink lipstick.
    I have hardly any wrinkles and healthy skin so keeping it simple and natural all my life is working.

    I think you are so very beautiful. What you are doing is working too xxo

  2. I adore your simple products, I want to try them for these warmer days ahead.

  3. I adore your simple products, I want to try them for these warmer days ahead.

  4. i once took the time to write down and calculate how much money someone spent on makeup and i was blown away ... i use concealer and a tad mascara and it literally costs me like $10 a year. i couldn't imagine. and i have never owned a bottle of perfume! that's not true, my grandma bought me tommy girl when i was in the seventh grade but it ran out long ago. ha ha ha. some days i feel like i should be spending more time on myself and maybe more money to look better, but i can't bring myself to do it! i love your list of go tos ... you are naturally a goddess so you look pretty incredible without much at all. sorry for the rant! love you !