May 11, 2015


on friday morning, while my husband was on a flight home, he texted me telling me to get an overnight bag ready and to be ready by 10:30 on saturday morning and to not ask any questions. we dropped gus off with my parents and off we went.

he surprised me by taking me to napa at the carneros inn where he endlessly romanced me and didn't leave my side for a moment. we had baths outside and dinner with flowers in our salads and mock cocktails by the fireside. we walked to apple orchards and looked into each other's eyes enough to last me a lifetime. i am so in love with the beautiful, strong and gentle man i married, and it only truly seems to be growing more intensely each day i am blessed to spend with him.  he takes care of me in ways i never knew i needed, and is never afraid to pour his heart multiple times an hour, just to make sure i know.


coming home refreshed the next day, we had a small mother's day gathering at ours in the evening, and i decorated our table in our garden roses and eucalyptus. my mama made me a beautiful birthday cake with pansies and also a belated blue airplane birthday cake for gus. it was so beautiful seeing my mama cooking up a storm in our kitchen, smiling beautifully, like she always does. and i captured her through our kitchen windows and it has become my most cherished photo of her to date.

later that evening, steve fell asleep putting gus to sleep in our bed, and i laid out on our couch, watching an episode of one tree hill (i love it so much), and began crying. i tend to blame all my tears on pregnancy, but i think this time, it was more about the love i had in my heart yesterday. there's just so much that i want to hold on to, so much that i don't ever want to end.

my mama's love, my husband's gentleness and touch, my baby boy's overbite and how he smiles and greets me each and every time i walk into a room. just about everything.

i hope you all had a beautiful weekend a mother's day spent smiling somewhere with the ones you love.

ps: have you seen this video? beautiful beyond words.

/i've watched this about ten times, love it so much.
/this poem, over and over.
/so funny 
/prettiest cookie idea


  1. how lovely! and your birthday .... it seems to have been a happy one. you certainly deserve all of that love you receive from your family. you are truly a gem, kerrie. a bright light in this world. xo.

  2. You know how to make everything so delicate in beauty...with flowers everywhere...even the way you are in the outdoor bath. What romance you (four) are enveloped in.
    Happy Birthday sweet Kerrie
    You are beauty.

    i am blessed to have just a mist of you in my life.

  3. Kerrie,

    Such a beautiful space youve made this to be. I remember the time i had asked you to help me create my own're such a soft beautiful soul. Thinking of you and baby Gus today and always. Please dont stress too much..gotta be strong for that sweet pea in that tummy of yours..xx and again..all these photos are so so pretty, just as you are.


  4. Ahh, how precious to see it all unfold. What a lovely gift to you. Happy day, my darling.