November 3, 2014


1/ my handsome husband, sharing his sunday smoothie
2/ harvesting greens while rooting for the giants!
3/ me and my baby boy
4/ mid bike ride, adjusting helmets. (gus isn't quite a fan of bike riding, wahh)
5/ getting his wiggles out after lunch
6/ so very gus
7/ our first morning coffee date in almost two years!
8/ foggy morning + foraged flowers from a field
9/ outside my post office, my favorite unknown leaf
10/ boots + ivy
11/ his new everyday: climbing up onto the couch, turning on lights, talking out the window, to all that he sees.

i am convinced that if we spend our time closer to love, the light of the sun and parts of the earth that erupt in green, we will all be a little bit more at peace.


  1. Your boots are so cute! And I do believe your words are and it's light, leads us into the embrace of peace. Thank you for pouring out beauty so freely. Your live is life-giving.

    1. Aww, thanks so much. These were the boots I wore on the first date with my now husband. He says he remembers staring at them in between kissing me (gasp, we totally made out on our first date. How could I resist?!) xxo

  2. Replies
    1. Let's find an abandoned tree and make a two story treehouse xx

  3. Rooting for the Giants? I knew I loved your blog, but after that statement.......I adore you hahaha I am a H U G E San Francisco Giants fan, along with the rest of the family.......
    It is so fun to watch little ones and how their interests change and grow month to month, it never gets old...I adore watching my 17 month old be so intrigued with even the smallest of things......their whole world seems to light up.....xoxo ~Ashley

    1. Hi Ashley,

      Sorry this has taken me so long to respond. Still getting the hang of commenting back correctly! Are you a giant Giant's fan? Ha, get it? Are you from SF or surrounding areas? Our entire house seemed to shake from jumping up and down in that last minute of the last inning! OMG!

      Motherhood is a beautiful accumulation of watching and growing right alongside our little ones. It's like slowly watching a willow tree take its roots and then dance in the wind. At first its so slow, and then, it happens all it once and each and every stage is beautiful.

      Happy week ahead friend xxo

  4. oh my goodness your baby is a dream. and so are you!

  5. you are amazing! loving your blog..may i ask what photo editor do you use for your pictures? they always turn out so whimsical and dreamy! x