November 5, 2014


on sunday, our little family killed some time at target before going to my parent's for dinner and ended up getting a few cozy items for the coming winter months. it's amazing how the simple act of changing out cotton sheets for flannel ones and burning candles made of warm scents like orchid and spice rather than crisp cucumber and sea salt really readies the holiday spirit inside.

i made this hot cocoa yesterday right as the sun began to drop and really savored it as augustus ran through the house, making piles of messes at my feet. i had been so drowsy from the slight time change and needed to wake myself up, but wasn't really in the mood to brew an entire pot of coffee. 

the color of homemade cocoa is really beautiful and reminds me of my favorite jeweled tones of watercolors. 

i hope you enjoy it!
from the back of Penzey's Hot Cocoa Container

{makes two large mugs}

2 tbsp. good quality cocoa
3 tbsp. sugar 
4 cups milk of choice 
dash of vanilla
dash of cinnamon*

using a whisk, combine all ingredients in a sauce pan, making sure the cocoa dissolves into the milk properly. warm over low to medium heat until warm. 

*just a touch of cinnamon makes this hot cocoa so creamy and amazing. 

add-ins: marshmallows, coffee, caramel, cinnamon stick for stirring, chocolate powder, etc.


  1. Ah, such simplicity and beauty! I recognize that Anthropologie mug. I have one of those in my own initial! I enjoy your simple, dreamy posts and photos. :)

    1. thanks beautiful ~ it's so wonderful knowing such wonderful people float through the world like you. xxxo