October 24, 2014


lately, my husband has been our breakfast king. he makes us all breakfast and it's incredibly sweet and a part of our memory i don't ever want us to forget. this morning he held gus up high in his arms while making scrambled eggs (fourth photo) and i can hear him explaining each step of the way. he always puts on one of his classical records while he cooks and it's so  beautiful. watching them together is now who i've become. there is nothing more, nothing less than this.

this is it.

when we took augustus to the doctor this week for his eighteen month checkup, like many parents, we had a thousand questions, still wondering if we are doing this whole "parent" thing ok.

"what does it mean if he goes number two twice in a row before bed?"
"should i be concerned that he wants nothing to do with cartoons of any kind?"
"he eats so much but does not seem to gain much weight, what does that mean?"

the list goes on. and on. and on. our sweet doctor assures us and tells us that he is growing beautifully, albeit rather petite, but beautiful. and like the first visit we had when he was a newborn,  or when we went to our first ultrasound, it always feels like butterflies in my bones having someone else tell us he's thriving wonderfully.

we told her how much he talks, because he talks, so, so much. all day long he's talking and we all come unveiled because of it. just rip our hearts out, ya know? 

right now he's really nailed these words down and uses them correctly to communicate what it is he wants:

nanana (banana), more, jeeew-sss (juice), bah-bah (bottle), all done, hot, shoes, oh no, peeeze (please),
deh doo (thank you), mama, dada, cat, dog, bird, apple, gappe (grape), nyny (night night),
badi (paci), baby (name for his blanket), nana, shoes, tip (chip), wahdder (water), 
up, down, bath, no-no, hi, bye, goodbye, luhyew (love you), eyes, mouth (what he's doing in the last photo), nose, ears, toes, hair,  tiss (kiss), car, noodooo (noodle), dance, park, etc. and his very favorite: uh oh.

(actually, you don't have to read that above, that's just for me to remember and these are the ones that melt me)

i work really hard on communication with him because it is so important to us that we feel each other clearly, right now. by working hard on these words, so much of his frustration has left him and he just tells me what it is he wants and needs (well, let me rephrase that, for the most part, other times i haven't a clue). and when he's frustrated and i can't figure out why, i use it as a lesson to teach him a new word. 

and what's often the most humbling experience to all of this, is that it's often hard to tell who is the student and who is the teacher. because really, we are learning from each other, together, every day.
and it's important for my heart to remember that.

have a lovely weekend my friends.


  1. Precious baby talk as they try to talk is close to my heart. I remember my mom never ever corrected my nephew as he spoke as a baby because she loved his baby words.

    what an incredible touching post. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Aww, thanks love. I so love that little story about your family. Thank you xxo

  2. So cute! Headed over to snuggle in the bed with you two!