October 28, 2014


i often fear that i'll lose my phone or it will get stolen and that people will have every form of blackmail on me by reading my "notes" section. if only you knew how much i use that thing. to write strings of sentences that come to me in quick flashes, to write love letters to my husband, my thoughts on marriage, lyrics to songs i've not finished, names of future children,  business ideas,  it's all there.

lately, i've been using my notes to write down things i've learned and trying to live by them. i'll sometimes reread them and go "oh yeah, i wrote that down for a reason. for when i'm feeling this exact way." i've been trying really hard to let go of what i am not and focus on what i am. who i am. what i have. what i love. who i love. it's hard to not let your mind tumble down the comparison hole. it's so poisonous and ugly and makes us feel like our lives aren't worthy. 

our lives are worthy. and they're beautiful and real and they were handcrafted. my husband said it beautifully when he said how important it is to live outwardly and less inside our heads. our heads are tricky, magnificent creatures. they have the ability to hurt and soothe and heal and kill us all at once. 

be a great conductor of your mind. know how to control it by working hard at turning off the ants (Automatic Negative Thoughts) it takes practice and commitment and dedication and much more than defaulting to what's comfortable, which is often times incredibly unhealthy.

what i've learned this past month has set the tone for my days. i would love to make a wee series of this, and would love if anyone wanted to join in to.

so, here's my list.


-don't look or read anything that makes you feel icky. you know that feeling. whether it's instagram, blogs, pinterest. just don't do it. 

-make your bed every morning after you are ready to get up. it sets a tone for the day.

-essential oils are not just a fad.

-it's never too late to start the day way, way over. 

-don't force photos. real moments will never come from them. let it go if the photo didn't come out.
move on.

- three b's: baths, bikerides, books. these can solve so much.

- forage small bouquets on walks. being close to plants and flowers
heals everything.

- when you feel like you can't hold on anymore, keep holding on and go outside.
fresh air, trees and the sound of birds is what peace feels like.

-family naps on sunday should be written in stone.

- you are not the amount of likes on a photo. nor the amount of followers.
don't you dare think that it changes anything. it changes NOTHING. 

-be gentle on yourself. you are not as ugly as you think.

- plate your husband's meal that you cook and do it for a lifetime. 

- don't compare your life. your baby. or your husband. you are loved exactly how god made you to be loved.

-pick up the house at night so that the morning is greeted calmly.

- invest in spotify, if only for the dance parties.

- light candles at any time in the day. just seeing the light flicker or the smell permeate is good for the soul.

-take turns giving your spouse a massage. learning where they are vulnerable and where they need touch is everything.

- stop glorifying busy.

-notice the morning light, every single morning. it's different than any other time of the day and so many answers are in its glow.

-get rid of stuff you don't need or think is beautiful. 

-be flexible. adapt. don't rely on old habits to get you out of situations. confront them and be firm.

- when your husband brings you the exact opposite of what you asked for, be thankful anyways.

-do not be quick with your tongue. filter that shit. ;)

- contentment comes when you're ok when things are not.



  1. Kerrie you are such a lovely person.. I always look forward to reading your insights on life, and seeing pictures of your beautiful family and home. You inspire me so much, more than I can say. Thank you for being you!
    -Anna Glanzer

    1. Oh my goodness, Anna. You are beyond sweet, my love. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me, and I can't tell you how humbled I am by it. You are a lovely woman and I wish you nothing but love and light xxo

  2. Oh how I adore this post. I am happy to know at least some people get true happiness. Simple and true. God bless you.

  3. Kerrie this is amazing! Definitely storing some of these thoughts - you have such a way with words to make people realize how beautiful life is.

    thank you xoxo!

  4. As always, so beautifully said. I love your blog, your instagram, and daily look forward to your inspirations. Love this post and the simple sweet reminder to live in the moment. I love everything you've learned. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Gina. Your words are kept in my heart and I can't thank you enough for them. xxo

  5. Divine words, darling Kerrie!

    When a day has been cruel to your heart and mind, treat yourself to a shower. As the warmth of the water rains down on your body release all the negativity. Let the hurt be whisked down the drain, far far away from you, never able to hurt you again. It is never to late to start fresh.

    If you look good, you feel good. Drape your perfect body in materials that make you feel like a goddess. Don't worry about flighty trends or what others think, if you feel gorgeous and empowered, nothing else matters.

    Write love letters to yourself and then put them in the mail at your local post office, when the letter is delivered back to you, it will be a delightful treat.

    Inhale the good shit, exhale the bullshit.

    When you walk past a mirror smile at yourself or make a funny face, it will indeed brighten your spirit.

    Enjoy all the beauty you find in today!



    1. Oh Kaysha,

      This is the perfect string of words, ever. It means so much to have them here forever and it means even more that they are coming from you.

      I have found a beautiful friendship in you and I am so deeply thankful for it.

      ***inhaling the good shit***

  6. This is lovely, amazing, and couldn't have come at a better time for me. I am going to reflect on these reminders daily. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for sharing ~ sometimes, when we find the time to write down what makes our heart race a bit too much, I think it's easiest to begin with simplifying it all. Always starting with our thoughts. xxo

  7. I agree with so many of these....I have been doing quite a bit of reflecting on myself, my life, my husband, my babes, etc. To find happiness....like pure, raw happiness.....not of the material kind, but of the kind that only God could provide, something that has been here and there all along, since the beginning.......it is what matters......Wishing you a wonderful week ahead ~ashley

    1. Yes, I agree completely. The stuff that has been there all along is the stuff inside us that makes us, us. And when we begin by simplifying the thoughts that try to complicate it all, I think we have a clearer path to our own version of happiness. Sending you love, friend xxo