August 1, 2014


our summer so far has been sweet and slow. we bought a hammock and an outdoor patio set and a few tiki lights. it's made our days and evenings so beautiful, and has been so good for all of us. the mornings we wake up and have coffee in the sunlight and dinner by moonlight is a time in our life i'll never forget. it's all we talk about doing with our extra time together. one night, i gave my beautiful husband a haircut outside while listening to frank ocean as the sun was setting low in the sky. at one point, the light was so dim that i was guessing at what i was doing, but steve didn't want me to stop. he said the moment was too good to stop. 

augustus is growing by the hour. he is so very smart and funny and so incredibly beautiful. he loves to dance, especially on his own, without us asking. one day we were shucking oysters by the sea and "this must be the place" by the talking heads came on, and he just danced his sweet soul out. in front of everyone, sweetly. he knows so many words and mimics our sounds and hand movements and loves his face being rubbed. not a day goes by that he doesn't play with water or eat a banana or run wanting to be chased. and he lives for the vacuum and papa's belly kisses. whenever we meet new people, he burrows his face into my chest or clings to my calves (see photo above) and doesn't let go. he's a mama's boy and it's more than i could dream.

there will be a time when our every day will be so very different. where i'll look back and yearn for days when we collect our harvested tomatoes or chase our gray cat winnie around the yard or wake up and run through the house. i think we all have to take stock of each day, and realize with a full heart that it won't always be like this. no, not exactly like this.

(all photos taken on my iphone (ugh), and MOTHER TOTES available for sale very soon)


  1. A beautiful day and special moments. Your posts always make me smile.

  2. These are precious. These images are so full of life and simply joy! Thank you for sharing your heart. :)

  3. A sublime summer sampler! Love seeing shots of our oyster feast in the mix. So glad we get to spend some of these slow and easy moments together.