July 23, 2014


a few photos of our trip to the east coast a few weeks back. i wish i had more time to organize these photos and properly describe each one, but i don't. and they were all taken on my iphone, which is both a cursing and a blessing.

we had been to nyc once before, right after we were engaged. it is true that i love to get away and explore and become part of new beauty and adventure and air. but it's only true if i'm doing it holding hands with my beautiful husband. anywhere that he leads me, there so am i.

if there's one person in the world you could dream of traveling with, steve is your guy. he is so organized and punctual and manly and extremely kind and calm through it all. unlike me, he knows how to get things done so efficiently, you never even knew they were an issue to begin with.

we saw so many things together, and for augustus, we are just so happy to be given a chance to show him new parts of the earth he loves so much. we pointed to all the birds, the yellow taxis, the tall scaffolding and fountains. i think what excited him most was yelling with such happy passion into the mirror at our (really beautiful) hotel.

augustus rode his first subway and slept his way through grand central station and fifth avenue.we laid in central park until thunder and rain down poured and we were able to see fireflies in what seemed like hundreds. we hopped in a taxi sopping wet and it was really beautiful and i will never, ever forget it.

and of course, i'll never forget staring out the window at night into all the city lights, me in my husband's warm safe arms, telling me all he knows, all his dreams, all his desires.

our next trip in a few weeks is to portland, and i truly cannot wait.

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