December 27, 2013


hello, friends. i hope the season is treating you all wonderfully and that you are filled with great love from all that is around you. i can't really put into words what has been laying on my heart this season, but know that it is abundant and full. i am writing from my couch on the last friday of the year, on a slightly overcast afternoon. the tree has been taken down, the ornaments put away, and the only sign of christmas is the pointsietta on our table.

christmas was everything we needed it to be. it was simple and touching and centered on our love for each other and the One. we opted for only a few gifts this year, mainly because consumerism hurts and because the only things we really needed weren't things at all.

what i will remember most about this christmas:

~my husband's thoughtful gifts, wrapped beautifully and the way he played christmas songs on the piano every night
~my mama's clam chowder + crab
~our date the friday before christmas in san francisco, where we ran down streets holding hands and had christmas champagne at the fairmont, (and were like giddy school kids)
~ steve taking over the second batch of homemade caramel corn after i burned the beezezus out of my hand (and the way he got a litte too into perfecting it)
~morning sink baths
~steve's egg + avocado sandwiches on christmas morning
~this song, on repeat
~french press in hand, watching the christmas tree lights scatter across gus' face

this season was sweet and it will go into that special place inside, where i record all that i hold dear.


  1. the fact that you have james blake on repeat makes me love you even more (if that is possible), you perfect, beautiful thing--

    1. oh thank you, love. james blake! the dreamiest! so thankful for you, that you exist, that you're so creative. alll of it.

  2. It sounds perfect, in every way!
    Happy New Year Kerrie!

  3. It sounds perfect, in every way!
    Happy New Year Kerrie!