November 7, 2013


hello, friends. it seems like forever since i wrote my last post, but traveling for ten days with an infant makes little time for anything else, i'm afraid. all you mama's who travel and blog out there, i applaud you deeply. it seemed each time it was time for bed, my entire body ached and i hit the pillow faster than a led balloon to the ground.

we saw and ate and experienced so much as a little family. we spent nearly every minute of every day (there were ten!) together, and we are all still alive, happy and in love. we lived out of suitcases and baby carriers and strollers and endless diapers and even though it was tough sometimes, we made it. i am so proud to be part of this triangle, and i know that what we experienced together will make our force stronger and bolder and even more close.

i will be spending the next days sorting through all our photos, but these are a few photographs of some memories i will carry with me long beyond my life here on earth. 

and can i just say, the people of the midwest truly are just the kindest. from the woman who walked with us to help us find the best restaurant in chicago, to the old man with a tie who made sure we knew which way state street was, to the waitress in milwaukee who smiled so beautifully and the hostess in michigan who made sure our spot had a heater for the baby ~ they all have a special spot in heaven, i'm convinced.

photos, in order:

gus and i in millenium park, chicago
halloween morning, dressed in papa's old outfit
cold, crisp evening walk in royal oak, michigan
the trees of michigan, forever my favorite part.


  1. Beautiful photo of you and baby. You remind me of my oldest son's sweetheart. The people in the midwest are so kind. We lived in the Kansas City area for 18 mos.

    1. oh, do i? ;) is she as quirky as i am?! hehe. oh i have not been to kansas city, how lovely that you lived there. thinking of you today, love xo

  2. So glad you are back home, safe and sound, and full of beautiful memories. I love the Midwest! Charm galore, and yes, the nicest peeps ever!