September 24, 2015


every minute of every day lately, i am expecting to go into labor.  i have been feeling SO much almost every minute of the day for the past few weeks, sun up to sun down, and these feelings are unlike any that i remember with gus. augustus george arrived at 37 weeks, so at 36 weeks with our second moon, i am, without a doubt, fixated on an early arrival.

this week as i was hugging my midwife saying our goodbyes after the appointment, i thought my water had broken. we all stood there in shock for a few seconds with the same question: oh my god is this happening. i'll never forget the look on my husband's face. he kind of just stood there with his blue eyes wide open, reaching out to me. our midwife quickly rushed out of the room, came back with all sorts of tests, and luckily, they all tested negative for amniotic fluid. ha! what are the chances of being in the arms of my midwife when something like that happens? it was scary and exciting and it made me realize that oh my god i better pack my hospital bag - something i didn't do with gus because i thought i had "plenty of time." ;)

so, here are some things gathered and given for our special little one. some incredible companies and human beings have sent this little miracle some very special little things, and it's been so hard not to rip them all open and shout off the mountain tops how much i love them all. because i do. i love them all.

this whole process - carrying life - is a journey in waiting and slowing down. in just taking each step and trusting our grounding enough to grace us to the end.

the most special gift i've received thus far was from my beautiful friend, angelica. she hand knit a brown bonnet, alongside two other fabric ones and handmade a dress made of the sweetest design. there are bears and sweet flowers scattered everywhere. she believes with her whole heart that i am having a girl, hence the dress. ha! i love you, gel.

for our baby:

diaper bag (c/o)
bonnets, dress
wooden pacifier clip
baby powder
trader joes thank-you notes for nurses (my favorite place for cards)
mint bamboo swaddle blanket (c/o)
muslin swaddle blanket (c/o)
french terry pants (c/o)
bunny lovie
goose burp cloths 
blue burp cloths 
tiny white socks
vintage yellow cardigan (picked up in france by my mama)
a few going home outfits
basic white long-sleeved onesies

for mama:

cream baby carrier (c/o)
black and nude nursing bras (c/o)
mauve rose nursing sleep bra (c/o)
pink robe (c/o)
trader joes salt water taffy (for me the nurses)
rose witch hazel
nipple cream
coconut body oil
nipple pads
homemade calming spray (distilled water, essential oils)
cozy socks
parisian natural deodorant (safe for baby)

not pictured:

cozy undies
face wash, shampoo, makeup, toothbrush, etc.
chargers, camera
car seat
over-night bag for papa bear
a pretty going home outfit to feel like myself again

i think this time around, i am going to be much more prepared than i was with gus (sorry baby boy, you came so quickly!) my water broke so early that i packed my bag as quickly as i could as i was being rushed to the hospital. it was so hard to think straight and to think about what i needed and wanted, and i think this time around, knowing what to expect and what i want to be surrounded by will make such a world of difference.

if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me!

love hearing from you all xo


  1. Your little moon will come on the day created just for him or her to arrive. My first two babies arrived near their due dates. My third arrived early and my fourth almost 3 wks late! My third came so fast that she was born on the way to the hospital, delivered by my husband on Christmas night. We named her Grace. It is peace of mind to be packed and ready. I think it will be soon. I am whispering prayers for you both. xxo

  2. well i just can't wait. i have been thinking of you all the time ... knowing exactly how you are feeling! the anticipation of a new baby, oh gosh .. nothing else like it. believing you will have a beautiful delivery! ... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. the miracle of life. how precious and amazing. angels falling from heaven. right into your arms.