August 31, 2015


1/ while he naps, we sat on the nursery with a la croix, scribbling baby names on paper
2/ a hot sunday afternoon in august
3/ the way he talks to augustus in the morning
4/ eggs on toast on the bed in the loft
5/ playing with mama's buttons
6/ hammock hangs
7/ the leaves have begun falling, and my little prince is waiting on the birds
8/ sleeping with my babies (incredible watch c/o daniel wellington )
9/ freshly picked armer's market strawberries
10/ foraged green bouquet from around the yard
11/ i'm so uncomfortable showing my face on camera. it doesn't come naturally. it feels forced and brings to surface all i struggle with. but, i can do it, sometimes.
12/ fresh sheets hanging dry + red boot inserts as shoes
13/ just me and my boy

i have so much to say, so much inside, so much so that nothing is coming out today. i am working on another post, one that will be able to speak through me, i am hoping.

for now, these are last week's photos - last week's moments, memories, that i didn't want to overlook.

my husband has been playing this song on repeat. i love him for loving it and for wanting to share it with me and for wanting to play it again the moment it ends. i love how he woke up and wanted to play it through our speakers while we were having coffee. i love that he said it reminded him of peter gabriel.

we both love peter gabriel.

i took a video of my boys swinging under our sycamore tree to it, and will be sharing it tomorrow.

i think i would like it playing in the delivery room, i've decided.


  1. So blessed by your images. Lightheartedness, grace, and rest. Those are the words your images bring to my mind. <3

  2. Beautiful...and only a little bit longer. Such joy in the longing.

    Peter Gabriel...oh yes. Mercy Rain always makes me cry.

  3. He does sound EXACTLY like Peter Gabriel....the best part of Genesis, in my opinion. I love how you share good music, thank you for this...I'm going to purchase immediately.

    You are simply gorgeous...your beautiful face reflects your quiet life, that we all crave.
    I thank you for sharing your days, as I find them sweeter than honey.