October 15, 2014


it finally happened early yesterday morning, that change in the earth when you know summer has finally made her way out. i could hear the car tires move through the wet rain on the pavement and small leaves kept hitting our window. when i finally woke, i saw thick fog and pale gray skies blanketing the air.

autumn has finally come.

and i'm so glad she has. i was actually counting my breaths until her arrival, waiting for summer to be gone, for our sad month to pass.

i remember a distinct moment the other morning, when i was ironing and photographing clothes for my shop and gus was staring out the window eating his little apple puffs. steve was in his music room, working away and the smell of hour-old coffee was still lingering. in that very moment i thought

i am so happy to spend  another autumn with you,
with both of my loves.

i have so much to write about and so many stories and projects i can't wait to share, but tonight i am tired and feel anything but weightless. my beautiful husband is working in the city and my big beautiful baby boy is asleep in our room. my candles are lit for the international day of pregnancy and infant loss remembrance and i just want to drink tea on my couch and sink into the pillows as i pray for our one in god's keep.

may you all see the light that is always visible,
and may you always remember to whom you belong.

autumn has come, let us be thankful for that.


  1. Lovely photos......Continuing to pray for you all and your loss........I too am thankful for Autumn! xoxo ~Ashley

    1. Thank you so very much, Ashley. I feel your prayers from here and it means so much to our little family. Please know you are in my thoughts this morning xxo

  2. Such sweet and tender images. I love your blog! Autumn is giving me a sigh of relief. I am suffering a loss (not a physical one, but an emotional one) and I, too, am learning to find rest in the simple moments.

    1. My kind friend, thank you so much for taking the time to leave me such beautiful words. If you ever want to talk about anything at all, or this emotional loss, please email me. I find that when we are tender and feel safe in others (even in the kindredness and sacredness that can be a sisterhood) we are able to breathe a little easier. Somehow, the mere knowledge that there is someone out there who just plain "gets" us is comforting. I am happy to be there for you, the door is always open.xxo

  3. Beautiful words to enter a new season with. Thankfulness being your worship. You are a deep spring of life always flowing forth on this earth. It's a gift that refreshes so many, including me. xx

  4. My kind friend, your words mean so very much to me and I hope you know that. I wish I could have you over one day for coffee and treats. I have a very wonderful feeling that we would have much to talk about. All my love, Kerrie xxo