September 12, 2014


this is my first ode to autumn and dedicated to Augustus George who love it so.
and because this soup is so ridiculously easy, i thought i would share.


32oz chicken broth (i always get reduced sodium)
1 can organic diced tomatoes with oregano
1 large onion, loosely chopped
7 large carrots, cut 
Kale (i use a whole bunch)
Macoroni noodles, cooked (I like this brand)
Salt + Pepper
Red Pepper Flakes
Garlic Powder or crushed garlic
Olive Oil


In a large pot, sautee the onions + carrots for a few minutes with  olive oil, salt and pepper. Add the can of tomatoes, red pepper flakes and garlic and let cook for about five minutes (or so. i never follow recipes or times).  While the veggies are sauteeing, bring a pot of water to boil and cook your macaroni. Drain and set aside. Next, add the kale and then the chicken broth and let cook for a while and then add the noodles, making sure they don't expand too much. Play around with your seasoning until it tastes the way you love.

This soup does not need to simmer all day whatsoever. I made this batch in about thirty minutes total and then we all devoured it. 

We topped our bowls with shredded asiago cheese ;)

Add ins: beans, sausage, potatoes, herbs, etc.

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  1. I'm totally making this soup tonight! I read this post yesterday and when I was trying to decide on dinner tonight, this came back to me. It seems so delish and absolutely perfect for this cool Virginia Fall air. Thanks for sharing!