April 1, 2014


the witching hour for us usually falls at around four in the later afternoon, when chores and naps and time-pressing matters have been squared away. it almost always involves us going for a long walk downtown, just my sweet baby and i. we walk and stop and stare and talk and play and sip (usually coconut water or chai, for me) ~ anything to not be cooped up in the house. 

but on days when it rains and going out isn't an option, we usually make everything around us our playground. books, indoor plants, cups, measuring tape, pieces of paper, spoons.  this is also the perfect time to take photos of new inventory for my shop, so we spend a lot of time in the nursery photographing or playing with who knows what. when we really don't know what to do, we take a long shower together and get back into our pajamas and countdown until it's dinner time, where we both get to be in the kitchen creating something together.

i know it won't always rain and i know our witching hours will soon change. when he'll be wanting to go outside and explore on his own. or when he'll want to go to his friend's houses to build something. or when he'll want to go the movies with his girlfriend or spend all day at band practice. but for right now, these hours where we turn a plastic bowl into a hat or read peter rabbit in the nursery are all mine.


  1. These hours may seem to go by slowly but at the same time they go by all too quickly...at least they did for me. Take them in as nourishment for your soul later.

    Peter Rabbit and Winnie The Pooh are my favorites. Do you have the Peter Rabbit DVD's? My children loved them.

    Everything is beautiful in your life. xxo

  2. Love this. We have the same bedspread and Wes has those pjs!