March 19, 2014


"a portrait of my son, once a week, every week, in 2014"

augustus: the sun has been out every single day this week, and not that i didn't know it before, but what i really understand now is that you are happiest when exploring the earth. any time you are upset, any time you need to be calmed or soothed, we step outside. you are so simple in what makes you happy. a small branch, an ivy leaf, an ant climbing into the cracks of the cement. a dried flower.

lately, your papa and i have been watching a show on the cosmos after you go to sleep. we watch as they zoom out from planet earth into mercury, into venus and far beyond our milky way. we have been learning so much about how incredibly impossible it is that life on earth even exists. we are essentially taught that our universe has somewhere around 100 billion galaxies and each galaxy may have at least 100 billion suns which makes the possibility of black holes in that same incredible number, too.

the earth's axis tilts at 23.5 degrees so that it does not become tidally blocked. at 24 degrees tilted, there would be no life on earth. at 22 degrees tilted, there would be no life on earth. every single aspect to life on earth is infinitely perfect. it is so perfect that its design will never be fully understood by the human mind. it begs for more. it yearns for spirituality between the unknown.

i have been spinning like the earth around the sun with you, my sweet boy. and all that i don't know matters little to what i do: i am just so glad we are here in this lifetime together. i am so glad that our atoms met in this time period. i am so glad we are existing among the cosmos together. i am so glad my march 2014 is also yours.

i am so glad our time is now.
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