February 4, 2014


it's far too early for the trees to be in even partial bloom, let alone full. the cherry and magnolia and camellia blossoms have left me speechless in the passing weeks, and i've chased them down like rolling thunder chasing the wind.

i've taken desperate measures to find the blooms (driving through neighborhoods, walking down alley ways, climbing up hills, etc.). but when the pink magic puffs show up on unassuming trees, how can one just pass them by? i can't. blame it on my sensitive soul.

late friday afternoon, we took augustus to one of our favorite town's square and we came across a giant, blooming camellia tree. there were hundreds of perfectly fallen blooms on the ground, begging to be played with.

all photos were taken on my iphone.


  1. I have this very same camellia, but it has not bloomed yet. There are buds on the branches waiting to open. We just transplanted both of our camellia trees into huge pots to see if they will grow better. Our soil is like concrete and they have slowly declined in health from being planted in it. Your heart art is so so sweet...and Augustus of course is too. xxo

    1. ah, kerrie ~ we too have a camellia (red one) and she seemed to bloom over night and it came to a beautiful surprise to me as it had been drizzling the night before. but now that she's bloomed, life has gotten a touch sweeter. the best luck i have with most of my outdoor plants is to not "fuss" with them, even though that seems to be the obvious answer. just letting nature doing her thing is a great metaphor that i return to often. let me know if she blooms! xo

  2. I'm sure they are fleeting, which makes it even more magical to enjoy them while you can!

  3. absolutely, they leave as quickly as they come so we are savoring their every arrival as much as we possibly can!