January 24, 2014


1. juice glass turned into a simple vase
2. a dress on a sunday in january, or as we call it, june-uary
3. this face, forever
4. my little crawler, we all can't get enough
5. trader joes mini roses, mostly always
6. play + curls
7. like father, like son ;)
8. chasing a sunset while waiting for our heater to get fixed
9. more play
10. gus pets a tibetan mastiff
11. sewed him a pair of leggings
12. playing outside one of our favorite coffee shops on an unusually warm friday evening 

yesterday, before going home, i took gus on a country road a few miles north of us to see a golden sunset in the hills. there were llamas and old mailboxes and people out for walks and old trucks slowly moving past us and giant, white dogs that looked like polar bears and trees older than most anything you know. i held him so tightly as i pointed at all the tiny beautiful things and when he closed his eyes from the brightness of that big beautiful sun, i whispered baby that's the wind.


  1. Your baby boy looks just like his Daddy. I notice his beaded necklace in the last photo. I used to make friendship bracelets out of embroidery thread when my children were babies so my son wore an anklet I made. I still have it in a keepsake box. I remembered the name of the town we love to visit on our coastal camping trips~ Occidental...down the Bohemian Hwy. My hubby and I could live there...my kids could not. They like the city and more people. Though as they get older, they are changing. My daughter brought home a wild poppy drink this week! Have another beautiful weekend in this unusually warm weather. xxo

  2. oh, thank you so much for your comment, kerrie. i love occidental! it's right up the road from where we live. we actually stopped off at Andy's Market on our way to the ocean and picked up some more Wild Poppy! thank you so much, friend. sending you love in your days ahead xxo